Standard 16


PROGRAM EVALUATION: School/program conducts evaluative activities to ensure the effectiveness of STEM implementation. 

- Collecting and analyzing data gathered through surveys
- Encouraging the use of rubrics to help students set goals

One form of evaluation is that we include this question on our yearly Title I survey: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning opportunities are evident in my child's classroom. Parents may add comments for improvements and successes they see in order to guide the school's continued STEM improvement. As we were reflecting upon our STEM curriculum and instructional methods, it was decided that it would be in our best interest to survey the faculty to gauge their overall attitude in regards to STEM initiatives. The survey of the teachers addressed the current understanding of the STEM process, positives and negatives of implementation, and the number of STEM experiences teachers provide their students. The results showed that 33% of the faculty provided more experiences currently than in recent years.

Click here to view the Faculty STEM Survey Results

Based on these results, the STEM leadership team is currently evaluating our status and the need for additional professional development in STEM instructional practices. An opportunity for improvement would be to address these results as we plan for future STEM implementation.