Standard 8


SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING: Students engage in self-directed STEM learning guided by educators who are effective facilitators of learning. 

- Ensure that all students have ample STEM opportunities

Beaufort Elementary School does many STEM activities throughout the school year. During these activities, the entire school utilizes the engineering and design process to solve many real-world problems. The process includes asking a question, imagining solutions, designing a plan, creating the solution, and testing and improving the design. Much of this process is self-directed by the student with teachers acting as facilitators. The teacher poses a problem and provides the parameters for the solution. The students are then expected to collaborate with their peers to develop a viable solution. Some of the areas where students are engaged in self-directed learning to include: Invention Convention, science fair, Lego Lab, and Makerspace. Classroom teachers also provide opportunities for students to independently complete STEM tasks while they act as facilitators. They will give the students the guidelines for a task and let the students work independently to come up with a solution. One of the projects that the Montessori school organizes is taking care of the school's outdoor life lab. The Montessori teachers are trained through the 4-H Clemson Extension on STEM Gardening. They have used this information to create various opportunities for students to have real-life experiences. In addition to gardening, they also take care of and maintain the turtle and bird habitats found in our life lab.

Lego Leb


An area for improvement would be to provide more choices in how they solve given problems or to design solutions for problems they create on their own.