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                                Student/Family Resources

Learning Resources

          Walk To School.png          Collections by Destiny Set for Continuous Learning

          Computer.png    Digital Tools, Apps and Resources 

         SC ETV      SC ETV At Home Learning

            Nice.png     SC Remote Learning

          School Building.png    Wide Open School

e-book Resources

Tumble Book Library    K-6 Children's eBook Database

Tumble Books Library        K-6 Math eBook Database

Audio Book Cloud         Audio Book Database for Kids

  Abdo Digital BookshelfAbdo Digital Book Shelf - free through June 2020

  • Capstone Products

             - PebbleGo
             - PebbleGo Next
             - Capstone Interactive
             - Learning Activities and Resources

JLG Digital   JLG Digital  Free access  (JLGELM / JLGFREE)

MackinVIA  BES MackinVIA e-Library  Free access to more than
                          4,500 e-book titles through Sept. 30, 2020. 

Read Alouds

Virtual Field Trips, Tours and Web Cams